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Want to Raise $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and more FAST?

Tired of trying to sell the same old “chocolates, magazines and cheese?”
    Well here’s an exciting new opportunity that you are going to LOVE!

Welcome to the GameOn CoinToss

The fundraising program that turns your financial challenges into success. GameOn CoinToss is a new and unique approach to raising funds. It’s not only Easy, Fun and Rewarding, but it’s one of the most exciting programs you’ll ever run!

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It’s perfect for sports teams, schools, service groups, charities, not for profits, churches – frankly ANYONE who is looking for an innovative way to raise big money fast! Just think. A chance to make more money per sale than almost any other fundraiser in the market. No draw tickets for people to fill out. A valuable keepsake with your logo prominently displayed. People will love the online registration feature – they just go online and register their GameOn CoinToss coin on our website and gain access to your private interactive campaign page.

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