How to Use the Administrator’s Dashboard

Located below the “Artwork” and “Total Funds Raised” images on the Administrator’s page, these tool will help you manage your campaign(s):

Dashboard Functions:

Campaign  – Each of your campaigns will be listed below this heading by campaign name

Website Settings 
– This area allows you to upload your campaign website logo, colors and add announcements and upcoming events.

Leaderboard – Used to announce your latest prize winners.

Upload Artwork  – Send us your image for the front and back of the coin.

Email Purchasers –  Used to email your community of coin owners that have registered their coins on the website.

Download Campaign Report – Download a CSV file of all your coin registrants.

Buy More Coins – This function will allow you to add more coins to an existing campaign.

Funds Raised: This is located on the top right of the Administrators page and automatically computes the funds you have raised based on the “coin’s sell price” you entered when you purchased the program and the number of coin purchasers who have registered their coins. This is a cumulative total for all campaigns running in a fiscal year.

Forum – As an admin, you can add/edit/delete any forum comments and topics.

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