Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do we have to charge for each GameOn CoinToss coin?

A: It’s completely up to you. Our recommended selling price of $20.00 per coin will help your fundraising efforts add up quickly, but it’s up to you if you want the price to be higher or lower.


Q: Do we have to design our own coin?

A: No. You can certainly create your own designs, but our design team is here to help customize and personalize your coins for you.


Q: If we have you design our coins what format do you prefer for the logos?

A: We prefer files be sent in Illustrator format with the “create PDF compatible” option de-selected. All fonts should be converted to outlines or included with the artwork files. If  you do not have an Illustrator file, please send a layered Photoshop with the Layer Styles intact.  The next best option would be an .EPS followed by a .PDF and then a jpg.


 Q: Can we solicit a local sponsor(s) to supply the prizes or subsidize the program cost?

A: YES! This is a great way to increase your net income even more. A sponsor’s logo can be prominently displayed in the coin’s artwork in exchange for their support.


Q: How much money or prizes do we have to give away?

A: The value of the awards is completely up to you. We do however recommend that the cash or prizes be at a level that will help create excitement for your supporters and increase your sales.


Q: How does the Discount Partners program work?

A: By having local businesses participate as a Discount Partner you are adding to the value of your coins. The Discount Partner has the ability to offer specials to coin holders to help build community involvement as well as increase their revenues. Once the Discount Partner informs you of their offer you can post it on your website as well as email or text all of the coin holders who have registered their coins.


Q: How long does it take from when we order until we receive our coins?

A: Once your artwork has been approved, you will receive delivery within 3 weeks. In the meantime your website will be set up and will be ready for people to start registering their GameOn CoinToss coins as soon as they arrive.


QWhat happens next year?

A: Just order a new program and you are ready for another exciting and successful program! We recommend that you change your artwork each time you purchase a new program to give people a new collectible coin as an added reason to continue showing their support!


Q: Do I have to use the texting feature? 

A: No, texting is completely optional.


Q: How much does it cost to send a text message?

A: The prices are based on which program you buy.

  • Gold – $10 per blast, up to 1,000 coin holders reached
  • Silver – $7.50 per blast, up to 500 coin holders reached
  • Bronze – $5 per blast, up to 250 coin holders reached


Q: What is a text blast?

A: A text blast is one message that you send out that will go to all of your registered coin holders. It is the same       price whether you have 10 registered users or 100.


Q: I want to use the texting feature but don’t want to add on extra fees, what are my options?

A: There are two options. You can still use the email or forum features on your site for free or you can have business sponsored text blasts. For example, if you’d like to let your coin holders know about an upcoming event you could send a text that says “Make sure to come to our annual fundraiser Monday at 5 pm! Don’t forget to stop at ABC Gas and Go on the way to pick up your snacks!”  You could also go as simple as “Stop by the arena for tonight’s game! This message sponsored by ABC Gas and Go” The possibilities are endless and that is the beauty of the CoinToss program!

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