How it works

Coin toss is simple.

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GameOn CoinToss is the most effective and dynamic fundraising and loyalty vehicle offered today.  The CoinToss program allows you build a support community and reward them with discounts and prizes.  Each CoinToss program consists of a complete package that includes a numbered set of coins with individual passwords, all necessary components to run a raffle and a comprehensive website that manages your CoinToss program.  If you think this is just another spin on a raffle type fundraiser or a standard discount card you couldn’t be more wrong!  This program is a marketing machine that engages your support community on a regular basis.

Once you receive your package of customized coins all you have to do is determine what prizes and discounts you want to offer to the coin purchasers and a price point for each coin.  Coins are simple to sell; they are desirable on their own even without chances to win and adding discount partners takes it up a notch!  Each coin is registered on the website; here you capture all contact info for each of your supporters.  You are able to tailor each program to best suit your fundraising goals and the interests of your support community.

The real power of the program begins with the website.  Each program comes with its own webpage that you can customize for your needs.  Here you will maintain constant contact with your supporters as they will visit here regularly to check for current news and events and also to find out who the most recent winner is and what they won.  You can also email and text the coin holders directly from the website to keep them up to date on new prizes and offers!  Also on your private page is a customizable forum that is private to your support group, the ideal platform to encourage communication about your organization and create excitement.  Here the administrator will have the ability to make general posts for all to see or send targeted emails to the entire group or individuals.  A very powerful tool indeed!

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